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Does Assisted Living Have Nurses?

Assisted living communities are designed for seniors who need some assistance with daily activities, but do not require round-the-clock medical care. In general, assisted living communities do not have registered nurses on staff. This is because they are not considered medical facilities and are therefore not required to have licensed medical professionals on-site at all […]

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The Negative Effects of Elderspeak

Assisted living has emerged as a compassionate and supportive solution for older adults who require assistance with daily activities while maintaining their independence. Assisted living facilities provide a bridge between complete autonomy and full-time care, offering residents a safe and comfortable environment to thrive in their golden years.  Communication is the cornerstone of human interaction, […]

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How to Recover from Caregiver Burnout

A lot in life demands our daily attention—work, our family, pets, accidents, bills, and sometimes a loved one who has reached a tender age or has a disability and needs our help.  When you’re taking care of everything else, it’s easy to feel like you’re drowning in responsibilities. Caregiver burnout is a state of physical, […]

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Posture Exercises for Seniors

Maintaining good posture is important at any age for your overall health and wellness. For seniors, poor posture can lead to aches, pains, and injuries. Your posture can also affect your balance and mobility, which are both essential for seniors leading healthy, independent lives both inside and outside assisted living communities.  Changes to your body […]

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When Is It Time for Memory Care?

Watching a loved one experience memory loss can be very challenging. There are obstacles for any senior in cognitive decline and also for the family and network supporting them. When cognitive conditions grow worse, a memory care unit may be the best solution for their health.   When to explore memory care for a senior is […]

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